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  • Mae cynadleddau FFT ​​yng Nghymru nawr ar werth. Archebwch ar-lein ar . 8 hours ago
  • @acet2001 hi, KS1 and 2 becomes available on Thurs 30th Oct, KS4 is available on Monday 10th November. Have a great weekend. 8 hours ago
  • @MatChesh Hi, KS1 and 2 data is available from Thurs 30th Oct, KS4 is available from Monday 10th November. Have a good weekend. 9 hours ago
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Dates for the latest data releases

Dates for the latest data releases

KS1 and 2 - Thursday 30th October 2014;   KS4 - Monday 10th November 2014
New Progress 8 Events

New Progress 8 Events

Explore and understand the practicalities, and formulate an action plan for your school. 
New blog now available

New blog now available

Shifting Floors …. and Progress 8... by Dr Mike Treadaway, Director of Research and Innovation at FFT.
FFT Conferences in England & Wales

FFT Conferences in England & Wales

FFT’s first national education conference for secondary schools - book now!

Release for Primary Schools in England

Release for Primary Schools in England (2014 KS1 and KS2 data)
The primary release has been confirmed as Thursday 30th October.  

This release will include:
  • A new updated FFT Governor Dashboard for primary schools (KS1 and KS2 versions) available as a PDF download
  • School Summary Dashboard – analysis of your school’s performance, compared to national average), including attainment and achievement, pupil groups, subject performance, pupil list and school context. Schools can choose their own indicators and filter data
  • LA Summary Dashboard (LA only) - online dashboard with aggregate view of overall LA performance at KS1/2 and school–by–school summary (with filters and different indicators)

Release for Secondary Schools in England

Release for Secondary Schools in England (2014 KS4 data)
The secondary release will follow on Monday 10th November.  
As many of you will know, the KS4 data has been delayed this year due to the significant changes to the accountability indicators.  FFT has now received signed-off

KS4 data from the DFE and we are now loading this into Aspire.   

In addition to the Governor Dashboard, School Summary Dashboard and LA Dashboard,   the secondary release will also include (for all schools):
  • Import new pupils  for target setting (e.g. year 7 or any new pupils for school)
  • Export data – for schools to export the new FFT benchmark estimates to school MIS or pupil tracking systems

Get Access To FFT Aspire

Download the new FFT Aspire booklet here (1.75mb, PDF)


Schools will need to setup new user accounts to use FFT Aspire which are different to the existing user accounts for FFTLive.  

If you are still to be sent a new School Administrator account for your school, please contact the  FFT contact at your local authority.  

If your school subscribes directly with FFT, please contact FFT at