Evaluation dashboards

Now available: KS1, KS2, KS4 and KS5 2016 dashboards with the latest DfE accountability changes.  Includes FFT’s unique comparative analysis of ‘new and old’ performance measures. 
Understanding your school is essential when planning for the future; its key strengths and weaknesses, subject and pupil group variation, the context and the effectiveness of interventions and teaching approaches. FFT Aspire provides high quality self-evaluation reports that can guide your work.

FFT Self Evaluation Dashboards are interactive and visual, using a range of simple charts and tables to help you analyse data quickly and easily.   Use the default dashboards or pick the specific indicators, pupil groups or time periods that you want to investigate. FFT dashboards are easy to navigate, whether you want to gain an overview of past performance or analyse a specific issue and all the reports are a few clicks away.

The school evaluation dashboards are ideal for senior leaders and are seen as a vital tool for:

• analysing performance
• assessing intervention
• identifying key strengths and weaknesses
• planning future strategies
• completing a self-evaluation
• having positive conversations with inspectors.

Reports include a school summary, attainment and pupil progress, pupil groups, pupil lists, overview of subjects and school context. The wide range of indicators can be selected on many of the reports via a simple selector, giving access to the latest accountability measures and a further range of measures useful to inform school improvement.  All measures can be analysed in terms of attainment, progress or contextual value added with comparisons to national performance. 

New Subject Dashboard - for Department Heads, Subject Leaders and Teachers

Subject dashboards are available for most GCSE and A Level subjects.  

The layout and approach mirrors the dashboards in FFT Aspire and gives subject leaders and teachers the opportunity for a thorough analysis of subject, group and pupil performance. 

Access to the latest data is available through FFT Aspire.  School evaluation dashboards are available now for maintained schools in England for Key Stage 1 , 2 and 4 with subject dashboards for Key Stage 4 and 5.  These are normally updated in the first part of the autumn term with the summer results.  For maintained schools in Wales the new 2015 dashboards will be available in the autumn for Foundation, Key Stages 2, 3 and 4, replacing FFTLive.