Target setting

Now available: Updated KS1 & KS2 benchmark estimates for individual pupils, pupil groups and schools based on the latest 2016 national progress rates.

A personalised approach to pupil progress – whether you’re setting targets for individual pupils, subjects, departments or your whole school, our target setting system has been designed to allow the setting, recording and reviewing of aspirational targets for students. 
FFT Aspire's intelligent benchmarking system helps you find the level of challenge - average, high or very high - most appropriate for your school to set aspirational targets for pupils and supports year on year improvement for subjects. With the integrated opportunities and risk indicators from Student Explorer, targets can be personalised to the specific needs of pupils.
The automatic aggregation of pupil targets and benchmarks to subject level enables you to identify progress gaps for key groups (e.g. FSM/Prior Attainment) by comparing your own targets to FFT national progress benchmarks.

With FFT Aspire you’re in control – you choose the most appropriate targets and the level of challenge for your school.

illustration of how FFT predicts target